What Are Your Values Saying About You?



Six words are written across the wall in big graffiti lettering in my office. If not written there they would surely be forgotten, but they stand there silently reminding all who walk into the room of what this company stands for.

Those words are: Integrity, Humility, Curiosity, Play, Authenticity, Kindness

They are the core values at Spurling Fitness. They are the litmus test for every decision made. If we have a problem it is because we have not upheld one of our values. Our values are what keep us focused, they are what keep us honest (essentially they are the all-seeing eye of Sauron). 


The only time most people talk about core values is when it comes to work. But what are your family values? What are the things you strive for in this life? Do they even align with your personal values? Do you even know what yours are?

A meeting with my financial advisor got me thinking about all this when he asked me and my wife what our values were. I had my own idea of what I valued and my wife had her’s, but we never shared them with each other.

This is no means a marriage blog, but the biggest reason for fights and divorce in a marriage is due to arguments over money. If one partner values experiences and the other values paying down debt, at some point there will be a fight about where your money is going.  

Branching away from the financial side of things, if you value your health and your spouse doesn’t, then that is a conflict of values and there needs to be a conversation. Maybe you want to or think you value your health. But if your actions don’t support that value, is it really of big importance in your life? If it’s not, that’s OK. Just be honest with yourself.

Here is the Williams’ household value statement:

We want to be able to provide a simple, quality life, have adventures, provide a slightly better opportunity for our children than what we had, and be able to give back to those in need with our excess. 

When I make a decision, whether that be what I buy, what I take on for work, or how I spend my free time, I can refer back to what we agreed upon for values.

Action Items: Values

Sit down and think about what you want to get out of your life/what you value.

If you are married, have your partner do it as well and see where you differ and where your values overlap. Are you on the same page? What areas need compromise and/or a better understanding of why you value that?


Values will dictate how dedicated you are to your personal health, how often you are active, and what you eat.

Are your actions a reflection what you actually find value in?

Your Fitness Sherpa, 

Josh W


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