What are you looking for? I’ve got it. Well that is I’ve got a Pulitzer prize winning book on lifting and a do it all workout builder.


At Home Workout Builder 

I have spent time putting together a great resource (well at least I think so) that will make it quick and easy to build your very own workout wherever you find yourself, whether that is in your basement, garage, on vacation to a tropical island, or a hotel gym.

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 Quick Start Guide To Lifting

I wrote this book to help people who are: 1. Looking to get a better understanding of programming; 2. Wanting a program for weight loss or strength; 3. Ready to take life by the balls and become the man/woman of their dreams. All I ask is for your email and name so I can send it to you. And don’t worry, I pride myself on not being a dick; I will not share your information.

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