What does eating healthy have to do with you saving money?

eating healthy

Have you ever thought to yourself, “man I’d really like to lose a few pounds” or “It be nice to have some money to take a vacation”? Chances are one of these thoughts have fluttered around your head once or twice before.  

I would venture to guess that two of the biggest things people stress about are money (not having enough) and health (self-image). It is almost funny how one problem can feed right into the other.

If I were to do a little word play and say, “healthy eating”, I am sure the words to follow wouldn’t be “saving money”. More realistically, words like hard, boring, and not cheap would come to mind.

Well, through the magic of modern science and my great ability to (pardon me as I quote the great poet lariat Eminem)”pinch a penny so hard …, ’til Abraham Lincoln is screamin’ out: “AHH!”  I will show you how you can eat better (losing weight) and have that beach vacation you always wanted.

Side note: This will be much easier for you if you already know what you are making for income and what you are spending. If you don’t know how much is coming in and how much is going out then it will make it very hard for you to save any money.

Side side note: What’s listed above is also true for trouble shooting where you have leaks in your eating. Who knew eating and saving were one and the same.

Let’s say at this current moment you break even most months.

If you find yourself going out for a coffee every morning and getting a little something to hold you over each day instead of making coffee and breakfast at home, you are losing money.  

Going out for coffee every day:




Making your own coffee:








Making your own coffee each morning will save you time and money. And, if you find yourself always putting cream, sugar, and flavoring in the coffee you order (because you may as well get your money’s worth), making it at home will help you cut down on the fat and sugar which will help toward your healthy eating goal.

Going out for lunch every day:






Bringing your own lunch

Let’s say you bring a salad with chicken each day, or, the slightly more expensive option of steak with veggies and potato (I took the time to price this out per serving so don’t worry).









By making a little extra food for supper you can be eating healthier and save some major money in the long run.

Going out for dinner twice a week:




Making your own food:








Total Savings Per Year:




Realistically, you could save about $3,000 a year. $3,000 will get you a nice week vacation, pay off a student loan, be a down payment for a new car, or whatever your heart desires.

Doing a little planning ahead with meal prep, you will also help yourself fit into those jeans you like so much, and also fatten that wallet. This should leave you stress-free about the budget and you can finally afford that vacation.

Aren’t numbers fun everybody?

Now if you read all of this and are thinking, well there is no way I am going to stop eating out completely, then you misunderstood the point. Eat out, treat yourself, support your local restaurants, gas stations, and coffee shops but don’t complain about your waistline or your money problems if you’re not willing to change something or give something up. Find what works; maybe it’s getting a coffee twice a week and buying lunch only on Fridays and having a date night once a week. 

Start small and see how it fits into your daily life.

Giving you the tools to succeed,

Josh W

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