I Teach Men and Women About The Power Of Lifting Heavy Shit To Find Their Inner Beautiful Self


I am the head strength coach at Spurling Fitness in Kennebunk Maine. There I teach men and women how to get strong, feel confident, and change their lives through the power of community and lifting weights.

I have worked in the field as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) for more than 5 years and am an avid writer who loves to share my knowledge with others.

Who am I?

Coach, Writer, Speaker, husband, and a man of my word

Things I Love

My wife Sarah, Sushi, my dog, writing, poetry, disc golf, books, the sound of quiet, hiking, coffee, time with friends, sleeping 8 hours, the Pittsburgh Steelers

Where to Find Me

You can find me at home, at work, or more conveniently, here on the interweb. If you have any questions, click the contact link above. I also offer a wide variety of services under my services tab, give them a click.

Last Thing

I want you to feel free to comment on anything. Tell me how you are feeling how’s your grandma doing, what made your day about my post or comments, agree or disagree. Let’s have some fun and build a community.


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