Why The Name Change and What’s A Fitness Sherpa?

Fitness Sherpa

You may or may not have noticed, but my website and business have gone through a name change. I am no longer Williams Performance with a website at williamstrainingsystems.com. I will miss the “W” with the flowing “P”, but in the end the logo really didn’t mean or say anything.

And what is a training system anyways (I mean I could tell you but for the sake of the point I am trying to make I won’t)? Performance can represent a lot of things: from motor vehicles, to athletes, to male sexual enhancement. None of those really capture what I am going after.

What did I do? I scoured the best internet domain names I could find that would represent me. You might be surprised to find out that Williams is a very popular surname which makes it hard to find any domain name that includes it. But to my luck I found one that suited me perfectly: JoshWilliamsFitness.com. It was perfect.

It had me right in it and fitness, well everyone knows what fitness is. Fitness is being healthy, eating healthy, moving healthily, thinking healthy, and on and on. Now people have an idea of what I am about; there’s a good chance I will be talking about working out and eating healthy and loving life and a lesser chance I will be trying to sell you carburetors for your aftermarket drag races.

I snatched that hot little number up as soon as I came upon it and the rest is history.

Fitness Sherpa

What does the logo stand for?

The logo is an outline of a mountain ridge with a little hiker on it. I look at fitness as a journey and to me, nothing emulates the spirit of a journey as much as hiking across a vast mountain range.

Your fitness journey is very much like a trek across the Apacation trail. There are valles you have to climb out of (hard work/hard times) so you can enjoy the peaks (completing a goal) and the peak is hard to stay atop so you journey on to the next peak and in the between there are flat planes (this is a plateau in your journey) where you keep moving on but can find perspective by looking back to what you accomplished and also look forward to what is to come.

Fitness, much like life, is about enjoying the journey, enjoying the struggles, and enjoying the accomplishments along the way.


What is a Fitness Sherpa?

If you don’t know, Sherpas are the guides that help you climb Mt Everest. You can journey through life on your own, but just as a Sherpa to the people that start out their climbs, it is a whole lot easier if you have someone that has hiked a similar journey and helped thousands of people before you reach their peak.

As a guide, I know what to expect; I have seen the ups and downs and have seen the top. A guide looks at the big picture and breaks it down for the new traveler. Where the travel can sometime times be discouraging by focusing on the peak feeling almost unattainable, the guide can show you how it is possible by having you focus on the little steps and keeping you accountable to finish your journey.

As a coach I am your Sherpa.

I will guide you with my blog, with my products that will help you get started, and you can always hire me as your personal Sherpa through my online coaching, or better put, my online sherpa-ing.

Let your journey begin.

Your Fitness Sherpa,

Josh W


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