Best of Josh Williams Fitness 2017



It has been a year for the books at Josh Williams Fitness and to commemorate it I have gathered the best post for the past year.


Best Articles of The Year:


1. What does eating healthy have to do with you saving money?

Through the magic of modern science and my great ability to (pardon me as I quote the great poet lariat Eminem)”pinch a penny so hard …, ’til Abraham Lincoln is screamin’ out: “AHH!”  I will show you how you can eat better (losing weight) and have that beach vacation you always wanted.

2. What Would Happen If You Trusted The Basics?

There is a certain level of knowledge you need to have before you try something new. You have to at least have the faintest idea of how it works. That’s all I had when I first started on my fitness journey.

3. 4 Not So Great Habits You Should Change

Am I  just a bag of habits? Over time, slowly picking up new ones, making my life a little better or maybe even a little worse?

4. A Solution to Your Weight Loss Problems 

Weight loss can often feel like a puzzle. You have all the pieces and you know what the end result is, but you just can’t seem to get everything to fit together perfectly.

5. What Happens When You Achieve Your Goal?

Here’s the thing people forget. Have you ever taken the time to truly think what happens when you achieve your hard-earned goal?


Best Monday Morning Coffee with Josh:


1. 4 Tips For Staying Healthy

Is feeling like complete crap the norm for us humans? No. Learn 4 tips for staying healthy.

2. Talking Core Training

Let’s talk about core training. What does that mean? How to best do it? What’s the point/end goal of it? All these will be answered and more in this weeks episode of MMC.

3. Barriers To Entry

Just waking up one day and saying I am going to join a gym is not that easy. There are many barriers to entry. The gym can be intimidating, misinformation running loose not knowing what is right or wrong, and there is the whole thing of not looking like a complete fool when working out. The list could go on.

I would like to thank all of you for your support and I look forward to a great 2018.

Your Fitness Sherpa,

Josh W

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