3 Things You Can Do During Your Latest Binge Watch

Binge Watch


Don’t have time to read? That’s ok just listen to my sweet sultry voice for 3:19.

I can remember this first time I ever binged watch a TV show, it happened the moment I was given a laptop junior year in high school. Over the course of the winter semester, I watched all 11 seasons of South Park. That feeling of accomplishment was like no other, the best part is, it took little to no effort to accomplish, I was hooked. I needed more things to binge.

Since the invention of ad-free viewing, TV entertainment is just mainlined right into your body it is 100% concentrated entertainment. There are no commercials interrupting your enjoyment, giving you a second to think, “maybe I should be doing something better with my time?”, nope its just pure bliss right into your eyes and minds.

If you find yourself thinking binge-watching is a waste of time, well it is, but I have a few ideas you can do during a mindless binge sesh that are productive to your fitness journey.

Here are the 3 healthy things you can do will binge-watching your latest show.


1. Rolling

While you’re watching you can be getting down with a foam roller working out those knots in your muscles. Hell, if you don’t want to even get off the couch you can take a lax ball and roll the bottom of your foot while sitting and you can also roll out your calf and anterior tibialis too.

I do this a lot because after standing on hard floors for 4+ hours a day my feet and calves need a good roll down.


2. Writing out your meals for the week

Meal planning can be a pain but you can do it while watching your TV show. Let’s be real none of the plots of these shows/movies are that complicated you can toon in at any time and still know what is going on. The only time this doesn’t work is when you are watching a show with subtitles like Narcos for instances. In that case, refer back to suggestion # 1.

By planning your meals, you will make better food choices and be less likely to find yourself shopping at the nearest gas station for some sustenance come lunchtime, we have all been there.


3. Planning what you are going to do tomorrow.

This is very similar to number 2 but different. Plan what 3 things you have to do tomorrow or the 3 things that you want to do. By writing them down there is a higher chance of you actually doing them. That, in turn, will leave you feeling accomplished, less stressed, working on what you need to be doing, and as a bonus, you get to cross something out which is a treat in and of itself.

Next time you find yourself sitting down for an hour plus binge watching fest, try one of these tips. And who said watching hours of TV is a waste of time?

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