5 Food Relationships You Need to Get Out Of This Valentine’s Day

I am talking relationships this Valentines Day, more to the point food relations. You may not think of your food eating as a romantic endeavor but...

Best of Josh Williams Fitness 2017

  It has been a year for the books at Josh Williams Fitness and to commemorate it I have gathered the best post for the past...

Is Working Out Supposed to Be Fun?

You can also listen to it here: (3:30) If you were to have asked me this question 5 or 10 years ago I might have...

3 Things You Can Do During Your Latest Binge Watch

  Don’t have time to read? That’s ok just listen to my sweet sultry voice for 3:19. I can remember this first time I ever binged...

Making Core Exercises More Challenging By Changing Your Focus

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “There has to be a better way to do this?”. This was my thinking exactly when it came to...

Who is Josh Williams?

Josh Williams is the Head Strength Coach at Spurling Fitness, ME. Where he coaches people to lift mammoth size weights from the earth all the while helping people find their inner sexy self. When Josh is not coaching people, you can find him climbing the tallest peaks in all the land or frolicking in a field throwing D (disc golf) with friends.


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